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NDEC's EYEWEAR BOUTIQUE features beautifully crafted frames that are always stylish and on trend.


We know that choosing a frame can be overwhelming; but our talented and highly trained CCOA certified staff not only assess your visual & optical needs, but we also hand-select frames based on those needs, and work to ensure that optimal vision is achieved all while making you look - and feel - AMAZING.

Contact Lenses

CONTACT LENSES can provide superior visual performance for sports, as well as provide a perceived "cosmetic" improvement over glasses.  NDEC provides patients with the latest in contact lens technology - TORIC, BI-FOCAL, DAILIES & SILICONE HYDROGELS On a trial basis. Because contacts sit directly on the surface of the eye, all patients who purchase contacts through NDEC are closely monitored by Dr. Workman to ensure corneal health, as well as optimal vision. This quality of care is automatically part of our service, and follow-up care with Dr. Workman is included in your contact lens purchase.  Yet another reason to purchase your contacts through NDEC!

If you have always been curious about trying contact lenses, simply book a full eye exam with Dr. Workman, and he will determine whether or not you are a good candidate (based on your corneal health/lifestyle), as well as the best fit/lens type for your needs.  As part of our eye health contact lens service, Dr. Workman and his CCOA-certified and trained staff provide our patients with contact lens fitting and evaluation services. With the ability to use various products and techniques that are often not available in many of the big 'box stores' (or online), Dr. Workman can provide clear and comfortable vision for contact lens wearers, even in patients who have had little success with contact lenses in the past.  Because your eye health and complete satisfaction is our number one goal, all contact lens fittings come with complete follow-up care for a full 12 months following your initial fitting (new fits/purchasers of contacts only).  Here at  North Durham Eye Clinic, we take the time to find a comfortable contact Lens that is the right fit for you!

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Eyewear Packages 



50 % off Multiple Pairs of Lenses with 20% off Additional Frames

Purchase One Pair Of Premium, A/R Coated Lenses, And Receive 50% Off Additional Pairs!






Eyewear Packages

Premium, A/R Coated PROGRESSIVE Lenses + High Quality, Stylish Frame From Only $500!

At NDEC, we make enjoying great style - and even better vision - EASY!  Ask our CCOA-certified staff about our incredible packages (includes sunglasses!)

* All frames and lenses are warrantied for 2 years - NO HIDDEN COSTS.

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